Gankas Training Box

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For a limited time, you can grab this Gankas Training Box which contains all the keys you need to improve your golf game. Included are the following list of George's training aids:  the Original GBox, The GBox Shallower, The GSnap, and GSnap THX. Together in one giftable box at an unbeatable value.
For a limited time, save almost $50 off the MSRP of the 4 training aids.  (DOES NOT INCLUDE THE NEW G-SLOT)
GBOX: Learn to turn & turn. This Aid wraps around your waist so you can get your rotation down.
SHALLOWER: Learn to shallow the club. This aid wraps around your arm for a variety of drills and will help you practice shallowing the club.
GSNAP: Increase your face control. This aid wraps around your lead hand wrist. Which equals less curve, more distance, better contact, better start lines, all benefitting in... better golf.
GSNAP THX: Train your trail wrist into "Extension". Which will help you achieve straighter shots. Works in tandem with the original GSnap.

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Contains the Original Award Winning GBox:
Golf Digest Editors' Choice - 2022 - Gbox and Shallower Combo
George Gankas is a GolfDigest Certified Instructor - Learn More