It all started with a good old fashioned bet from my dad

Frank Gankas. My dad bet me he could beat me in golf. Done. Its on Frank! I was a natural athlete in high school, 18 years old, clearly knowing this would be a bad day for my dad. Well, of course he beat me… but I was hooked.

The difference for me was, when I started out in golf

I was trying to understand the golf swing right off the bat. From gaining so much understanding of the golf swing, I progressively wanted to become a professional golfer. Yes, I wanted to play on the tour…. but when I realized how good I was at teaching (after all my entire family are teachers) I decided to go along the teaching path, it was natural for me.

I studied countless upon countless golf swings and with a solid background in psychology and bio mechanics, I learned what golf swing worked the best for most players and that was to “Turn and Turn”.

And with this new device I created, the easiest way to not get lost in all the mechanics is to just plain and simple Turn and Turn. The GBox, helps you do Exactly that. It allows you to get a full turn, relative to the length of the swing, and it allows you to actually use your body, by getting into the ground, and pushing back off the ground which creates a lot more speed, a lot more face control, and a lot better contact through the shot.

As far back as Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, Bobby Jones; what you will notice, is that there is no restricted movement. No restricted turn. People eventually stopped completing their turn, they started to restrict their hips and this caused a lot of compensations in the downswing (also resulting in a lot of something we can all relate to — back pain).

When you don't turn, which the GBox MAKES you do, you tend to compensate by tilting, standing up, pulling down with your arms, which are all compensations, which you will see a lot of good players do.

The fact is if you want speed, if you want control, the GBox will give you that.


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