GSNAP THX (Trail Hand)

The GSnap THX leads your Trail wrist into "Extension" on the downswing which squares the clubface resulting in better contact and straighter golf shots. Get yours today:

GSnap Trail Hand - Wrist Training Aid
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GSnap - Original

The GSnap is FACE CONTROL: Which equals less curve, more distance, better contact, better start lines, all resulting in BETTER GOLF. Get yours today.

GSnap - Wrist Training Aid
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George is a

and one of the top 15 teachers in the USA.

GBox Combo
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Introducing the GBox

If you want speed and control, the GBox will give it to you.
By using the GBox you can keep it as simple as turn and turn.

GBox - Adult Set
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Neoprene Exercise Golf Training Aid

Adult GBox (belt and two 6″x6″x6″ boxes)

The Adult GBox includes a velcro belt and two 6″x6″x6″ (Large) G boxes. The belt is designed to fit young adults, adults, seniors, and more professional golfers with a minimum size of 28 inches and maximum size of 52 inches around the waist. Please measure your waist above your hip line. One box has a white stripe and each is made of versatile neoprene. A velcro attachment on the back of the boxes enable you to attach it to the belt at your seam line.

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Junior G-Box
The belt is designed to fit juniors, kids and petite adults
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Extra Boxes
Additional boxes for your set in Adult, Junior, and Mini sizes
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Introducing: The Shallower

The Shallower
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The Shallower

The Adult Shallower includes an armband that will fit wrists & top of arms from: 8” in diameter/circumference to 18”. 
The most versatile golf training aid that allows all golfers to see and feel the proper arm movement through the swing.

The shallower also includes  3 different size extensions  1",2" and 3" which assures the perfect fit for everyone.

Note: We don’t want to make a big deal about this change with the addition of the Shallower Junior, to avoid returns/questions, etc…  we’ve always provided a free replacement to anyone who complained of the fit.— so we’ll continue to handle on a case by case basis.
GBox Set & Shallower Combo
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George breaks down the functionalities and all the benefits of the G-Box.

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