GSnap Trail Hand - Wrist Training Aid

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The GSnap Trail Hand

Designed for Trailhand - For Extension.

Pair with the GSnap for a full pair.

The GSnap THX was designed as a complement to the original GSnap and is a one-of-a-kind adjustable Trail wrist training aid. The GSnap THX involves proper biomechanics of the Trail wrist through positive reinforcement of the "snap." The GSnap THX sets lead your Trail wrist into "Extension" on the downswing which squares the clubface resulting in better contact and straighter golf shots. We use the term “Extension” in biomechanics which means "Extending" or "Cupping" your Trail wrist, which is widely found in the swings of the Top PGA players, European tour players, and LPGA tour players.

The Gsnap THX has been tested on top players and coaches around the world and was designed by one of the best coaches in the world George Gankas.

The GSnap THX is face control: which equals less curve, more distance, better contact, better start lines, all benefitting in... better golf.

For more details on the GSnap please visit our youtube channel  or video page to access additional content and examples. 


George Gankas is a GolfDigest Certified Instructor - Learn More